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Buckeye to the rescue!

We first learned of Buckeye Plumbing in 2004 because they provided all the plumbing on behalf of the builder for our newly-constructed home. We have since relied on their services on multiple occasions for multiple properties. Some of the visits were to remedy small issues, but this time we had a more challenging problem requiring more trouble-shooting to determine a diagnosis. Once again, we were so pleased to have worked with one of Buckeye's master technicians, Mr. Jack Costa. Jack is highly skilled and very knowledgeable. He also is a problem-solver who focuses on finding the best and most cost-effective long-term solutions for customers. Thank you again, Jack. Thank you, as well, to Yo for all of his help on this job. You guys are terrific!

Buckeye Plumbing also has great internal support staff who are professional, courteous, and solution-oriented. What a great team of people! Although we don't love having plumbing issues, we do love knowing we can count on Buckeye Plumbing to come to the rescue! Kudos everyone. 


Water heaters

Thank you Connie for the info provided for the water heaters I'm interested. It was very complete, clear and useful.



Full Service Professional Plumbing Team

Full Service Professional Plumbing Team


Give Connie A Raise

I have worked with Connie for more than 10 years.  She does a great job and I am glad you have gotten her some help.  She has grown the backflow portion of your company to the point that she need help.  Now if some of that good mojo could come my way.  I am very happy that her and her helper are inputting Buckeye's backflow test reports because there were too may for me to keep up with.  Please keep her happy so she stays there a long time.  Thanks! 


Great Company to Work With

We use Buckeye Plumbing for backflow certifications and plumbing repairs.  Connie and her team in the backflow department are awesome and always on top of things.  They make sure that our inspections and repairs on done on time.  The techs are great as well, they show up on time, advise us of what work needs to be done and completes the work as promised. 


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